1. (Vanity Only) ?

    - This is for the sell of only the vanity fixture without any countertop, sink drain, faucet or mirror

2. Can I use any of these vanities for my remodel?

      -Yes, our selection of vanities are compatible with most bathrooms, please measure or consult with a plumber or general contractor when in doubt. Most or all of our vanities have a center drain which may or may not fit your current plumbing system. Another issue we have come across is to make sure the P-Trap or discharge drain currently in place can support our vanities since some of them are to be floating or suspended of the floor. consult with a plumber or general contractor. 

3. What other things will I need for my vanity ?

         You will need :

              1.a faucet


              2. Lavatory drain without overflow for vanity sink


              3. P-Trap for under the sink drain


              4. Sink or top if not included with vanity


              5.(Optional ) LED Mirror or LED Medicine Cabinet



              6. For stand-alone tubes -> A tall faucet


  If you need any guidance on any of our items please e-mail Yourdreambath@outlook.com we work with a team of contractors.